Preview: Murder in the Pacific

Murder in the Pacific - ep3

In the final part of the story we hear from the bomber himself how he came to plant the bombs on the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior and the measures he took to escape New Zealand after the attack.

He and another suspect reveal the origins of the mission, how the French government convinced them that the KGB had infiltrated Greenpeace, and we learn that the agents’ reasons for their military service are not so far removed from the motivations of the Greenpeace activists.

When the bomber discovers that a Greenpeace volunteer has died as a result of his actions, he realises that he is no longer just a saboteur and questions the legitimacy of his orders.

Meanwhile, the French government denies all responsibility and the New Zealand police are running out of time and leads. But a determined pair of French journalists are on the case and with a top-level informant ready to help them they succeed in unveiling France’s ‘Watergate’, exposing the government to humiliation and embarrassment.

As the international pressure on France intensifies, two French agents – the so-called Swiss Turenge couple – are put on trial, but will justice be served?

Murder in the Pacific

Thursday at 9.00pm on BBC Two.

Image: BBC/Oxford Scientific Films/Patrick Smith.

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