Preview: Murder Trial: The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming

Avril Jones

As the murder trial continues, this second episode shines a light on the trial that gripped a nation, taking viewers deep into the inner workings of Scotland’s justice system.

The episode begins with the testimony of Jean McSherry – former partner of Margaret’s father, Derick Fleming – who takes the stand in Glasgow’s High Court. Jean reveals to Prosecutor Iain McSporran QC that she lost touch with Margaret when the accused Edward Cairney and Avril Jones (pictured) became her carers: “When Eddie and Avril had her, I got told that Margaret didn’t want to speak to me or see me. I should’ve went to social workers to get them to investigate Eddie and Avril. I beat myself up for that. I could’ve done something and I never.”

This episode also features Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Paul Livingstone, who revisits Margaret’s eerily derelict home in Seacroft, Inverkip. There is also dramatic testimony from Inverkip local, Paul Neeson, as well as Margaret’s former school teacher, Jacqueline Cahill.

As the Crown’s case closes, Edward Cairney takes the stand to give evidence. “I’m incapable of harming a kid or a lady, I can’t do that” he claims.

However, during cross-examining by Iain McSporran QC, when inconsistencies in his story are drawn out, Cairney explodes: “I can’t sit here and let you put words into my mouth, I know my life depends on it. There is nothing sinister in anything we’ve done”.

As closing speeches are delivered by the prosecution and defence – and the jury retire to consider the charges – Murder Trial: The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming concludes with Cairney and Jones discovering their fate on verdict day. 

Murder Trial: The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming – Thursady at 9.00pm on BBC 2.