Preview – Mutiny

Ant Middleton

Mutiny, like Bear Grylls’ The Island, is reality TV by ordeal – and it’s compulsive viewing – even the Goggleboxers love it!

Last week, likeable chippy and ship’s carpenter Ben was forced to leave the crew after secretly fostering an ugly hand infection. It was a sad way for one the crew’s most endearing and honest characters to go, particularly in light of the low esteem incendiary Scouse malcontent Chris has created for himself due to laziness and childlike response to authority.

Former SAS commando and Captain Bligh stand in, Ant Middleton must decide whether being a man short and effectively carrying another will affect the morale of the rest of the crew.

Leaving the paradise of their Pacific island with the prospect of weeks at sea and a perilous 1600-mile passage across the treacherous Coral Sea, the mood on the boat hits its lowest ebb under a scorching sun and the realisation that their supplies have rotted. If you’re going to mutiny, lads. Now would be as good a time as any!

Mutiny – Tuesday 9.00pm on Channel 4