Preview – My Baby’s Life: Who Decides?

My babys life

“My Baby’s Life: Who Decides?” is a powerful Channel 4 two-part documentary series surrounding the lives of young children with often incurable and life threatening diseases and how the impact of such conditions are felt not only by the children themselves but by their families and communities as a whole. The series is particularly poignant given the recent death (2017) and media coverage of Charlie Gard.

This episode, marking the end of the series, we follow the story of Ellie-May – a child who is suffering from a number of complex genetic problems – while elsewhere the cameras visit the family of Olly, who is afflicted with Chromosomal disorder. The final case that the programme looks at is that of Tyler, an infant boy with SMA1 – a serious strand of Spinal Muscular Atrophy – which effects muscle strength and the motor neurones across the spinal cord.

My Baby’s Life: Who Decides? – Thursday 9:00pm on Channel 4