Preview: My Childhood, My Country – 20 Years in Afghanistan

Mir Hussain’s life journey during the interim of American and UK intervention is challenging, comic, heart breaking and hopeful. Photo: ITV/ Seventh Art

Phil Grabsky was the first foreign filmmaker inside Afghanistan following the ousting of the Taliban from central power after 9/11. He teamed with Shoaib Sharifi to make this film that follows Mir Hussain from boy to man across the twenty-year period.

Mir Hussain is first met as a cheeky funny seven-year-old living in a cave next to the destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan statues in central Afghanistan. As an adult with a family of his own, he decides to pursue his own career as a news cameraman in Kabul.

Kevin Lygo, ITV Media & Entertainment manager remarked: “…following the story of mischievous and endearing seven-year-old Mir Hussain from 2001 to 2021, this film is both a remarkable portrait of one child’s life in Afghanistan and of the conflict that has engulfed the region.”

Phil Grabsky said: “No-one could have anticipated the adventures we have all been on over the past 20 years as we made this film – a film that sought to see what the result of international intervention would be, and what became of the £2.3trillion investment. I can safely say that no film has captured the life inside an Afghan family in the way this one does. And little did we know that the final days of filming would coincide with the Taliban once again being in control of the country.”

My Childhood, My Country – 20 Years in Afghanistan – Monday at 10.45pm on ITV