Preview – My Dad, the Peace Deal and Me

Patrick Kielty
Picture Shows: Patrick Kielty on the road to his home town of Dundrum. Image Credit: BBC/Dragonfly Film & TV Ltd/Lorian Reed-Drake.

Patrick Kielty looks into the history of the Good Friday agreement as it marks its 20th anniversary this year.

Kielty has had his fair share of tragedy when it comes to the Troubles: in 1988, when he was 16, his father was killed by loyalist paramilitaries. A decade later he voted in favour of the agreement, despite it meaning that those convicted of the killing would be released from prison.

The comedian, one of the first to talk about the Troubles on stage, investigates the impact the Good Friday agreement has had on Northern Ireland, even though one of the key elements of the agreement, power-sharing, has since collapsed.

My Dad, the Peace Deal and Me is on BBC One at 21.00.