Preview – My F-ing Tourette’s Family

My F-ing Tourettes family

Directed and produced by Sam Ornbo – who has also been involved in the productions of The Undatables and Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: USA – Channel 4’s latest documentary series tackles living with and around people suffering with Tourette’s syndrome. The hour long documentary revolves around the experiences of the Davies-Monk family of Oxfordshire who’s two sons, Spencer and Lewis, are affected by the condition.

Life can be hard. However it can be even more so living with uncontrollable “tics” which alienate you from your peers. That is the struggle faced by 13 year old Spencer Davies-Monk and his nine year old brother, Lewis, who both suffer from symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome. Despite knowledge of the condition being fairly common place in modern society, the effects it can have on a person’s self-confidence, public image and ability to experience a “normal” social life remain clear to see.

Channel 4’s latest hour long documentary, focusing around the Davies-Monk family, aims to normalise those affected by condition by exploring what they go through in day to day life. The cameras follow the family as they come out to the world about their sons’ Tourette’s, with day trips, meals out, and even their first ever holiday abroad.


My F-ing Tourette’s Family – Tuesday 9:00pm on Channel 4.