Preview – My Online Nightmare

My Online Nightmare

All hail the internet, bringer of freedom of speech (trolling), incredible learning resource (fake news), the empowering portal to myriad new social engagements (stalkers, sock puppets, grooming, sexual predators). It is probably not what was envisaged by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the computer scientist attributed as being the inventor of the World Wide Web, but like opening a modern-day pandora’s box the internet is now out there and in spite of these shock-horror tales of online ne’er-do-wells it is the future.

My Online Nightmare quakes at stories of extraordinary scammers and fraudsters who used the internet to lure and con their victims with terrifying, and sometimes deadly, results.

The opening episode looks at sex fraud. In one case, we meet Megan who, as a 15-year-old, began dating 17-year-old Chris and began a sexual relationship – intercourse, though, always happened in the dark and Megan was never allowed to touch him. Unfortunately for her, Chris was, in fact, 26-year-old Christine, who had, since childhood, identified as male. Nothing about Chris was genuine – not his gender, not his age, not his name and certainly not his genitals, which turned out to be a strap-on sex toy.

My Online Nightmare Wednesday 10.00pm on Channel 4.


Photo: Pro Co