Preview – My Turban and Me

My Turban and Me

In a world where diversity amongst races, religions and culture are as wide-spread and as prominent as they are now, education and understanding become even more important than they have been ever before. That’s why I endorse programme’s like the BBC’s new documentary/ biopic, My Turban and Me, which sees comedian Sanjeev Kohli exploring what it means to be Sikh in modern Britain, the importance of the turban and why Sikhism is making such an extraordinary rise in popularity in young people.

Being the only one of his family not to wear the Turban, Sanjeev finds himself on journey to reconnect with his family’s Sikh roots, looking back on his own past; from witnessing his brothers being bullied for wearing their turbans to the decision he himself made aged 14 to not wear one. Along his journey, Kohli looks at what’s changed in public perceptions towards the Sikh religion and also what’s changed in the attitudes of those practising it – while many first-generation Punjabi immigrants wanted to try to fit in, their children and grandchildren are trying to stand out, and there is a resurgence of British Sikhs – both men and women – wearing the turban and reclaiming their identity.


My Turban and Me – Tuesday 10:45pm on BBC1.