Preview – My Year with the Tribe

My Year with the Tribe

Will Millard’s BBC documentary series returns this week with the 2nd of 3 episodes, investigating the live and culture of the Korowai tribe of West Papua.

In this episode, Will returns for his second trip to the Korowai to spend more time with Haup (White Beard) and Halap – some of the only tribesmen to still practice a traditional Korowaian way of life, living permanently in a treehouse without any real contact with the outside world. When Will first meets them, their adopted son August is there with them in the forest and his wife Amel gives birth one night, cutting her own umbilical cord with a sharpened piece of wood.

After finding out that they spend most of their time in the government-sponsored villages six hours walk away, Will asks them to return to their government-built village, preparing to spend 10 days living with Haup and Halap alone in the middle of the forest.



My Year with the Tribe – Sunday 9:00pm on BBC2.