Preview – My Year with the Tribe

My Year with the Tribe

Living in treehouses and using stone tools, the Korowai were only discovered living in the jungles of West Papua around 40 years ago. Now this year, writer Will Millard aims to uncover more about the tribes customs and find out what their lives living outside the modern bubble are like.

Entering the thick jungle forest which the Korowai tribe Will is surprised to see that the perception of the traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle has been distorted a little, with many of the tribesmen now skilled at selling what they think people want to see from the numerous cameras and film crews that come. Nonetheless, Will hears of two old men – whitebeard and his brother – living out in a treehouse deep in the forest and finds himself unable to resist the opportunity to see if anything still Preview – My Year with the Tribeof the traditional Korowai way of life.


My Year with the Tribe – Sunday 9:00pm on BBC2.