Preview: Nazi Hunters – The Real Walk-In

Nazi Hunters - the real walk-in

This documentary tells the extraordinary story of former fascist Matthew Collins, played by Stephen Graham in the acclaimed ITV drama The Walk-In (9.00pm tonight).

Part of ITV’s BAFTA winning Exposure strand, Nazi Hunters: The Real Walk-In, tells the true story of the undercover operation by Matthew Collins and National Action mole Robbie Mullen inside the far-right and reveals how they stopped a plan to murder a British MP in its tracks.

Unreleased police footage is broadcast for the very first time showing the leader of National Action deny the holocaust ever took place, as he claims there was no genocide of the jews.

Revelatory interviews with Robbie Mullen, Matthew Collins, former Labour MP Luciana Berger and Nick Lowles, among others, tell the shocking story of National Action and the plan to kill Labour MP, Rosie Cooper.

Nazi Hunters: The Real Walk-In lifts the lid on the volatile world of these racist organisations, and reveals the threat of violence and danger carried by these groups.

Jack Renshaw was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 20 years, after he admitted preparing an act of terrorism and making a threat to kill.

Nearly twenty people have been sent to prison since Robbie Mullen first revealed the inner workings of National Action.

Nazi Hunters – The Real Walk-In – Monday at 10.45pm on ITV.

Image: (c) Buzztrack TV