Preview – NFL: Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints

Dolphins Saints

Wembley Stadium is playing host to American football this week, as Miami take on New Orleans.

While obviously the sport is meant to be the main attraction, there will be plenty of people watching to see if the players will once again “take a knee” during the national anthem in protest against racism in America and in defiance of Donald Trump.

On a personal side note, I know all of these players are supposedly really hard and tough, but doesn’t American football come across somewhat camp? I mean, the plays all wear massive shoulder pads and big shiny helmets, the referees throw hankies onto the pitch, and during half-time in the biggest match of the year they have a massive song and dance number. My gaydar is ringing.

NFL: Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints is o BBC Two at 13.45, (kick-off 14.30).