Preview – No Offence

Joanna Scanlan No Offence

With justice juggernaut Viv (Joanna Scanlan) suspended from duty after being outmanouevered by Nora Attah, the matriarch of the nototrious crime family, she risks blowing the team’s case against Manni by continuing to build evidence into the Attah’s complicity in the disappearance/murder of several children.

No Offence doesn’t do things conventionally and at times it is difficult to distinguish between the serious drama and the black humour but this is one of its key strengths. Paul Abbott’s police drama is uncompromising and unpolished examination of the social underbelly of Manchester.

Tonight’s interesting side show sees Nora (Rakie Ayola), ruthless gangster by day and night but certainly no child abuser, form an unlikely alliance with the Friday Street team when she learns an FGM cutter is working in the area.

Eeeeh, it’s grim up North.

No Offence – Wednesday 9.00pm on Channel 4