Preview – No Offence

Joanna Scanlan in No Offence

No Offence was one of the surprise comedy hits of 2016. Paul Abbott‘s fly on the wall style crime-fighting comedy is full of sharp dialogue and strong visual humour shot not so much on the mean streets but on the less salubrious ‘burbs of Manchester.

Returning for a second season, the unorthodox team of dysfunctional detectives headed up by the brilliant Joanna Scanlan as the no-nonsense/no-sense brassy DI Viv Deering, come up against one of Manchester’s most notorious crime families – the Attahs.

No Offence is borne of the team that gave us Shameless and the influence of Abbott’s previous success is apparent here; it is sharp, acerbic and growing into its own skin as an unorthodox comedy that consistently wrong-foots its audience.

No Offence – Wednesday 9.00pm on Channel 4.