Preview – No Such Thing as the News

No Such Thing as the News

No Such Thing as the News is scheduled to a criminally late, post-Newsnight slot (11.15pm) on BBC2. It is such a shame that this thinking person’s, humour-filled news inquest is not offered a wider audience – either through an earlier slot or on Beeb One.

It is true we are in a post-truth, post-expert world – and the hosts are all geeky, nerdy know-alls (no one likes a swot, right?) – but that shouldn’t inhibit viewers from engaging their brains along with their zygomatic muscles as the week’s events are dissected for hidden nuggets of trivia gold.

It’s a great concept for a show and has lost none of its energy transitioning from radio to TV. Recorded live on a small set with audience participation, QI research fellows of mirth and wisdom James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber tonight scrutinise a week of immense political upheaval on this side of the Atlantic and inevitably in have something to say about the goings-on in Trump Land, too.

No Such Thing as the News – Wednesday at 11.15 on BBC2