Preview – Noel’s Sell or Swap Live

Noel Edmonds

Who remembers Multi-Coloured Swap Shop? Well, no-one in their early 30s or younger as the series ended in 1982, but for people of a certain age the Noel Edmonds-fronted series in which children were able to swap their possessions with other kids around the country became a favourite of their youths.

Edmonds, who is now a relatively free agent following the end of Deal or No Deal, is presenting a new one-off show which seems to strike a similar chord. In it, up to three auctions are going on at the same time, with various unwanted items being offered, from undesired Christmas presents to items that caused rows among families.

It sounds like an interesting idea – it’s just a matter of whether or not you can put up with Noel Edmonds, who to put it politely, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Noel’s Sell or Swap Live is on Channel 4 at 19.00.