Preview – North Korea: Murder in the Family

North Korea Murder in the Family

February 13th 2017. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother Kim Jong-Nam enters an airport in Kuala Lumpur in a journey from which he would never return. After 2 hours in the airport, the Kim brother was found dead, assassinated by one of the most potent nerve agents on the planet – VX. In the days that followed, two women – one Vietnamese, one Indonesian – were arrested on suspicion of murder, despite a heavy secret service presence.

Now with unprecedented access to CCTV footage and interviews with those closest to Kim Jong-Nam, this BBC documentary paints a far more concerning picture; one of secret international arms deals, political espionage and a bitter family feud spanning most of Kim Jong-Nam’s life. The award-winning This World strand looks at how North Korea’s powerful international business network has allowed the despotic Kim dynasty to remain in power in North Korea for nearly 70 years and asks why Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother was ultimately killed.


North Korea: Murder in the Family – Monday 11:15pm on BBC2.