Preview: Ocean Autopsy: The Secret Story of Our Seas

Doctors George McGavin and Helen Czerski are in. Photo: BBC

Two-thirds of our planet is covered in water, split into five distinct oceans, but in reality Earth’s seas are part of one huge global water system – a system that has been instrumental in shaping our destiny for millions of years.

Now, however, in the 21st century, it is mankind that is shaping the destiny of our oceans. The ocean bed, the currents, marine life, even the water itself is transformed by what we are putting into our oceans.

In this revelatory BBC Four documentary special, oceanographer Dr Helen Czerski and zoologist Dr George McGavin carry out an ‘autopsy’ on the ocean itself and reveal the startling changes it’s undergoing. The destiny of our oceans is on a knife-edge and the window of opportunity to save them is rapidly closing.

But all is not lost. Along the way, George and Helen follow some surprising stories of hope as scientists uncover biodiverse ecosystems at the bottom of wind turbines that act as artificial reefs.

Ocean Autopsy – Wednesday at 9.55pm on BBC Four