Preview – One Born Every Minute

Nurses and babies - One Born Every Minute

Why you’d want a camera crew and Channel 4’s audience watching while you go through one of the most painful and private moments of your life, I have no idea, but One Born Every Minute is back for its tenth series.

We return again to Liverpool Women’s Health Hospital to experience the ups and downs of life on the maternity ward for both new mums and the midwives that provide around the clock care.

This week we meet Jodie, who aged 19, found out that she was pregnant after a fling with Stephen, aged 22. In spite of their unconventional situation, Stephen’s determined to see his parental responsibilities through, including being at Jodie’s bedside during what turns out to be a long labour.

Meanwhile, a true love story for Derrol, aged 44, and Maria who met online. Derroll has become a devoted stepfather to Maria’s four children but she desperately wants him to experience fatherhood for himself, a wish that is not without complications.

One Born Every Minute, Tuesday, 9pm – Channel 4