Preview: One Night at the Natural History Museum

One Night at the Natural History Museum
Josh, Alex and Aisling tackle the tunnels of corridors at the Natural History Museum. Photo: Channel 4

This time on the show where The Last Leg hosts are joined by one friend to spend the night at a beloved UK venue, Alex, Josh and Aisling Bea are set loose in the Natural History Museum.

It’s Night at the Museum meets Big. The trio are awestruck by the splendour of the building as they scoot through its epic corridors, enjoy a game of hide-and-seek, muck about in the lavish exhibitions and raid the gift shop. 

The trio also get to go behind the barriers and explore the museum’s off-limits areas, where they stumble across the strange and spectacular basement Tank Room, housing the gruesome-looking collection of ‘wet specimens’. 

This gothic, creepy experience in the bowels of the building only increases our trio’s giddy delirium, and they hit a wall of tiredness – but sleeping is very much cheating on this extraordinary night at the museum.

One Night at the Natural History Museum – Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4