Preview – Only Connect

Only Connect, Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria Coren Mitchell’s quiz show is always one of the more enjoyable mental workouts. It makes for more relaxed viewing after the more formal University Challenge has gone out before.

We are currently in the second round, and tonight’s episode sees the Shutterbugs taking on the Korfballers. We will have to see if they can get the connections, cracking the Connecting Wall, and trying and figure out what the Missing Vowels are. One of the joys of Only Connect is that in comparison to shows like University Challenge it is easier to play along at home, and you tend to avoid ending up shouting over the contestants.

In the meantime, can you figure out the connection between AUGUST 7, APOLLO 8,  EXODUS 14 and QUIZ 22?

Only Connect is on BBC Two at 20.30.