Preview: Operation Snow Tiger

Operation Snow Tiger
Siberian tiger cubs are in need of saving before a deadly blizzard moves in. Photo: BBC

One of Earth’s rarest and most elusive animals, the Siberian tiger has only some 300 members of its kind left in the wild. It is so badly endangered that more people have been to space than seen one in the wild. 

In this series, Liz Bonnin who has years behind her as a tiger biologist travels to the frozen forests of the far Russian east to join a team of scientists studying the cats.

The scientists want to understand what the lifestyle, habitat and breeding patterns of these great cats are, and for what reason their numbers are declining. 

When three orphaned cubs are spotted and taken into rescue, the team launches a desperate rescue mission. Even cameraman Max Hug Williams joins to save the cubs before a blizzard moves in – and captures remarkable film along the way.

Operation Snow Tiger – Friday at 3.15pm on BBC Two