Preview – Ordinary Lies

Con O'Neill in Ordinary Lies

The second series of Ordinary Lies hits BBC One tonight with Con O’Neill taking centre stage as Joe, the ebullient, likeable sales manager at the call centre and warehouse of sports sales company, Coopers, whose professional and personal life is thrown into flux by his own obsessive behaviour. Tonight’s ensemble piece tells the not unfamiliar story of how mental anxiety and misunderstanding has a corrosive effect on relationships.

After being sent home early from work after an injury, Joe finds wife Belinda acting strangely and rather than discussing his concerns, he puts two and two together and comes up with an answer that feeds his paranoia.

Suspecting that Bel is having an affair, he installs cameras in the house but his search for truth only causes him to make more rash judgements and put his family life and his job security at risk.

Ordinary Lies is on BBC One Tuesdays at 9pm