Preview – Our Guy in China

Guy Martin - Our Guy in China

Guy Martin, adrenalin junky and mechanic turned TV presenter, heads to China, exploring the most inventive approaches to technology, development and manufacturing the country has to offer.

From building his own electric motorbike and visiting the world largest public toilet to buying a rudimentary Flying Pigeon bicycle in Beijing, it’s fair to say that Guy has done it all!

For his final challenge though, he leaves the engines behind and with just a trusty bicycle to hand, heads to the Taklamakan desert in which he hopes to cycle the 341- mile journey in under 47 hours – beating the current record.

With minimal preparation and relying solely on the help from the locals, Guy battles harsh conditions and extreme fatigue as he heads to Qiemo.

He may have achieved the highest speed on a Wall of Death, but will he cross the finish line in time?

Our Guy in China concludes on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm, previous episodes available on catch up.