Preview – Our Wildest Dreams

Our Wildest Dreams

Channel 4’s reality series, Our Wildest Dreams, returns this week after its pilot episode saw ex-business woman, Mari, and her family ditch the comforts of their London home to start again in the Amazon jungle. The show follows the lives of a number of extraordinary Brits as they try to escape the monotonous cycles of their life in the UK for an entirely new start – often a more back-to-basics lifestyle – in an entirely different country.

This episode, we see a couple, Lyndon and his pregnant wife Ruth, take the gamble of a lifetime as they leave the technology, family and friends they’ve grown accustomed in the UK behind, upping-roots and attempting to settle in Zambia. The only problem is, with Ruth heavily pregnant, the health and safety conditions around their camp are well below safe standard and with only 4 months worth of money to survive on, the budding family face a race against time to their get their safari lodge up to scratch before the baby arrives. As Ruth returns to the UK to have her child, Lyndon – who’s been left behind to finish their home in Zambia – is forced to make a massive decision.


Our Wildest Dreams – Friday 9:00pm on Channel 4.