Preview – Our Wildest Dreams

Our Wildest Dreams 3

Channel 4’s reality series, Our Wildest Dreams, continues on Friday after we saw Lyndon and his pregnant wife Ruth risk everything they had to build a home against the exotic sub-Saharan backdrop of Zambia. The show follows the lives of a number of extraordinary Brits as they try to escape the monotonous cycles of their life in the UK for an entirely new start – often a more back-to-basics lifestyle – in an entirely different country.

This week, Deborah and Daniel leave their home in Scotland along with their kids in an attempt to find a life without need or want of money in the mountains of Bali, Indonesia. However, with starvation and poverty already bearing down upon the family and with torrential rain of biblical proportions soon to arrive, Daniel and Deborah must make a safe shelter on the steep cliff they’ve chosen to make their home – and fast! Can the ambitious scots master the mountains or will they be forced to compromise and return to the UK empty handed?


Our Wildest Dreams – Friday 8:00pm on Channel 4.