Preview – Our Wildest Dreams

Our Wildest Dreams

Channel 4’s reality series, Our Wildest Dreams, continues on Friday after we saw Scottish parents David and Deborah’s journey almost end in disaster when they up-rooted their family in the hopes of building a self-sustainable life in the mountains of Bali. The show follows the lives of a number of extraordinary Brits as they try to escape the monotonous cycles of their life in the UK for an entirely new start – often a more back-to-basics lifestyle – in an entirely different country.

This week we follow Lynn and Richard’s family – who are tired of living as a “food-bank family” in the UK – as they travel to a remote part of Portugal where they’ll be trying to build a more self-sufficient life off-grid. Tired of the hustle and bustle of modern British life and the reliance they had on the charity of others, Lynn and Richard find the calm of the Portuguese country a breath of fresh air. But will they be able to hold up against their new found isolation and make their radical new life work?


Our Wildest Dreams – Friday 8:00pm on Channel 4.