Preview – Our Wildest Dreams

Our Wildest Dreams

Channel 4’s new series, Our Wildest Dreams, follows the lives of a number of extraordinary Brits as they ditch the monotonous cycles of their life in the UK for an entirely new start – often a more back-to-basics lifestyle – in an entirely different country.

This week we see ex-businesswoman Mari leave her london home behind as she travels to Ecuador for a fresh start in a secluded spot in the Amazon. Travelling with the 52 year-old entrepeneur are her family including husband, Kurikindi, and their daughter, Samai. The family, who originally met in the Amazon rain forest, are returning to Kurikindi’s home in what is set to be the biggest challenge of their lives given their newfound lack of modern technology. Despite running her own business still, the Brit is determined to find a simpler life but is wary of the dangers and hardships of living such an isolated existence.


Our Wildest Dreams – Friday 8:00pm on Channel 4.