Preview – Panorama: Nursing Homes Undercover

Panorama: Nursing Homes Undercover

This was one of the stories of the weekend and has already prompted the suspension and investigation of staff and the private care provider at the centre of the allegations, Morleigh Group.

Undercover reporters were able to document alarming levels of malpractice at two nursing homes in Cornwall over the course of 14 shifts. This programme shows evidence of neglect and even cruelty at the hands of overworked staff.

It is a shocking expose of an industry in which the average residential care cost for an older person is £27,113 a year. Part of this cost is met by the residents themselves, but Morleigh Group charges the balance to the NHS and local authorities – and we all know whose pocket that money comes from.

The programme-makers were so concerned by what had been recorded and the mistreatment of residents they contacted the Cornwall Council and Care Quality Commission – who then implemented an emergency safeguarding plan.

Panorama: Nursing Homes Undercover – Monday 8.30pm, BBC1