Preview: Panorama

What does it mean for life to go on with the Taliban in control? Photo: BBC

Afghanistan: Life Under the Taliban

For six weeks now, after the complete withdrawal of the US-led coalition forces, and a sweeping takeover by the previously marginal Taliban, Afghans have had little choice but to accept the new regime. Panorma reports on what life under the fanatics actually means, what has changed, and how it might change further.

There is significantly less fighting on the streets now as opposed to during their takeover. However, human rights across the country are disregarded, and the people of Afghanistan are being subjected to cruel and unusual punishments. Even arbitrary crimes, such as women not being covered in public, can result in barbaric punishments.

Healthcare is crumbling and many families are struggling to find enough food. British Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi and his team are looking to meet the Taliban’s leaders and ask whether Afghanistan is once again protecting al-Qaeda.

Panorama – Wednesday at 7.30pm on BBC One