Preview – Paralysed: Britain’s Worst Winter


I must say I thought that a lot was made over nothing this past winter particularly where the weather is concerned – good old Blighty has always been renowned for its miserable weather and bitter winters and this year, to me at least, wasn’t really anywhere out of the ordinary. None the less, as the frosty chill of winter begins to retreat beneath the warm glow of the spring sun, and as it becomes more acceptable not to dress as parodic Eskimos, we take a look back at storm Emma’s worst.

That is what you get from Channel 5’s, arguably melodramatically named, latest documentary; Paralysed. Lasting an hour, the show focuses around heavy road teams across the country as they struggle against the advances of Storm Emma, from wrestling trucks free from the snow to helping shop owners who have run out of stock because of the extreme weather.


Paralysed: Britain’s Worst Winter – Monday 8:00pm on Channel 5.