Preview: Parking: The Big Con?

Parking: The Big Con
Investigative reporter Alexis Conran wants us to pause before picking up the tab we’re left… Photo: Channel 5

Most of us have had it happen. You return from a shop, or a quick trip to the GP, perhaps just picking someone up, and there it is: the little yellow slip under the windscreen wiper. 

Alexis Conran investigates and shows how you can fight back against the private companies issuing them. The world of parking fines is not immutable, and he meets people who have fallen foul of aggressive parking companies but managed to get their tickets overturned.

He also explores the history of car clamping – which is now banned on private land – and how it moved online using ANPR, and meets disabled Blue Badge holders who have been issued tickets.

Parking: The Big Con – Thursday at 7pm on Channel 5