Preview – Passage to Britain

passage to india

Dr Yasmin Khan explores an extraordinary collection of ship’s passenger lists to trace the changing story of migration from the Indian subcontinent to Britain over three key decades. Stories of courage, identity and alienation form a fascinating new perspective on these early pioneers of today’s British Asian communities.

This week, Dr Khan looks at the people who travelled across the world aboard the luxury P&O cruiser, The Viceroy of India, from Mumbai during the 1930s, discovering that many of the challenges they faced in integrating into a brand new country and their own experiences reflected the relations between Britain and its Indian empire as a whole at the time. Yasmin visits 86-year-old surviving passenger of the Viceroy, Raja Stokes, and investigates the stories of Sir Lancelot Graham and Ghulam Mum-taz.


Passage to Britain – Tuesday 9:00pm on BBC2.