Preview – Passions: Damien Hurst by Harry Hill

Harry Hill Damien Hurst
Passions: Harry Hill on Hirst. (C) BSkyB

From picked dissected sharks to diamond-covered skulls, you can perhaps see the connection in style between the art of Damien Hurst and the surreal comedy of Harry Hill.

As part of Sky Arts’ Passions series, the comedian pays tribute to the Turner Prize-winning artist – but as this is Harry Hill we are talking about, there is no way that this is going to be a straight forward documentary, as the press-photo of Hill dressed up as a fly indicates.

Along with this, you can expect to see some not-entirely-true interviews with the likes of Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas to provide some extra “insight”.

Passions: Damien Hurst by Harry Hill is on Sky Arts at 21.00.