Preview – Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes

Paul O'Grady's Little Heroes

In this touching new ITV series, Paul O’Grady visits the extraordinarily brave young children being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the dedicated staff who care for them.The series will comprise of six parts which will be shown across August and September.

In this episode, Paul visits Emmanuel – an 8-year-old boy who was born unable to use his legs – while, elsewhere, we meet Emily and her younger brother Luke who both suffer from cystic fibrosis. Their conditions mean they have to live very active lifestyle and we see what they have to put with in terms of the extensive treatments and health regimes they are put through on a daily basis. Finally Paul gets a glimpse of the pioneering surgery which can help those suffering with Microtia, as he watches doctors craft and sculpt a brand new ear out of one of their patient’s ribs.


Paul O’Grady’s Little Heroes – Wednesday 8:30pm on ITV.