Preview – Paul


Aliens; Often portrayed as higher intelligences from outer space who bring with them the conquest or destruction of our planet for nefarious means unbeknownst to us. That is not the case in Greg Mottola’s “Paul” which sees two geeky road-trippers – on a whistle-stop tour of sites of significance to UFO lore – stumble upon the titular Martian after seeing him crash off road in a hijacked car. Seth Rogan voices Paul while Kristen Wiig, Jason Bateman and Sigourney Weaver also star. Comedy duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg don the mantles of geeky friends Clive and Graeme respectively.

After discovering a small grey creature desperately swerving off the road in the American southwest, nerdy duo Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings – who are travelling around the southern states on a tour of extraterrestrial sighting locations – find themselves embroiled within a national manhunt between rednecks, CIA agents and state police officers as they offer sanctuary to the diminutive alien fugitive. With federal agent Zoil (Bateman) and his boss the ominous “Big Guy” (later revealed to be Sigourney Weaver) on their tails and with their own agendas, the hapless threesome must use wit, determination and ingenuity if they have an hope at getting Paul back to his own people alive.

Paul (2011) – Friday 9:00pm on ITV2