Preview – Paula

Denise Gough as Paula

The gripping three-part drama continues with Paula’s life going through the full spin cycle. Her former beau, Philip the married PE teacher, is dead and her handyman one-night stand turns out to be a very troubled individual indeed.

Paula (Denise Gough) is a dislikeable, awkward, self-destructive character who needs tips on how to pick her men and writer Conor McPherson has given the character all the necessary tools to keep the audience interested in her safety while picking at her poor choices and attitude.

Tonight, Paula feels like she is being stalked and turns to Mac for support when she notices a few items missing from her flat. As we all know, rule number one when you’re being pursued by a jealous former lover is not to start a flirting with the next man you meet. Nice one, Paula.

You don’t have to wait too long for James to return looking for revenge, will Paula manage to escape?

Paula – Thursday 9.00pm on BBC Two.