Preview – Peng Life

Peng Life

Internet sensation Elijah Quashie – AKA The Chicken Connoisseur – gets his own mock-up review show this week alongside best-mates Nelson and Wilson, which sees them tour the country reviewing everything from the street to the elite.

In the first episode of the series, Quashie and his friends turn their attention to the car industry, taking a Lamborghini Gallardo and Mazda MX5 out for a spin, with guest-star Jodie Kidd, to see which one packs more bang for its buck. Elsewhere it’s the battle of the barbers as London’s top high-end barber to the stars, Daniel J, goes up against the legendary North London-based Damo and the group sees how London’s most expensive kebab stacks up to the humble take-away donner.


Peng Life – Friday 11:05pm on Channel 4.