Preview: Peston

Robert Peston

It seems that peace has finally broken out in the previously much-splintered Tory party. Jeremy Hunt was the last of the challengers trying to unseat Brexiter heartthrob, Boris Johnson as he gallops onward towards Number 10 and the top job, but even he now seems content to sue for a prominent job in the next Cabinet.

Robert Peston, though, invites Mr Johnson to the studio, not as prime minister-elect; rather to pose some of the many concerns voters have with his apparent infatuation with a no-deal exit from the EU and disappointing lack of support for UK ambassador to the America, Sir Kim Darroch.

Knowing Peston’s doggedness to drag out an answer when a politician does not want to give one, he will no doubt prod and poke the Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip to condemn the disgraceful and inflammatory language of US President Donald Trump, who this week became embroiled in controversy over racism. That’s not something one could ever level at Boris, is it?

Aside from the Conservatives leadership contest, the Labour party continues its path to self-immolation with the Lords calling out Jeremy Corbyn on his passivity dealing with anti-Semitism and members of his own shadow cabinet in open rebellion over the absence of a cohesive strategy on Brexit. It would be hugely remiss of Peston not to shake the tree a little further and wait for a few loose comments from Len McCluskey, Tom Watson or Seamus Milne to drop.

Co-presenter Anushka Asthana will help Peston fuel the conversation in the studio and online, with updates from social media taking in perspectives from viewers, experts and key-players throughout the programme.

Peston – Wednesday at 10.45pm on ITV.