Preview: Peston


The political magazine hosted by Robert Peston returns to discuss whatever bombshell has dropped in the past 24 or most recent hours. 

This period of British politics must be a nightmare for the show’s researchers; all certainty has deserted them. One week ago, the Brexit Party was set to field more than 300 candidates in constituencies up and down the land – and today they have none! Nigel Farage appears to have thrown his supporters to the gulls in favour of a fishy pact with Boris Johnson to ensure we leave the EU. But what does that mean for the future of the Brexit Party and those that have paid money into it?

On Monday, we had #wreathgate after the BBC ‘mixed up’ unflattering footage of an unkempt and shambling prime minister (messing up the single task he’d been charged with that morning) with a more polished 3-year-old version from the archive. 

On Tuesday, the frantic gabble was of Russian interference in election campaigning after Labour Party HQ reported two sophisticated attacks on its systems. It all sounded super sinister, but DDOS attacks are normally the calling card of bored teenage hackers rather than state sponsored cyber mercenaries tearing up democracy. But the PM sitting on an intelligence report into foreign interference in our elections the timing is perfect for conspiracy theorists and political talk shows, ahem! 

They say a week is a long time in politics and all this comes before even we’ve talked policies and promises for an election four weeks hence. Trust Pesto to do his stuff and hold his guests’ feet to the fire to get the answers we deserve.

Peston – Wednesday at 10.45pm on ITV.