Preview: Peston


Robert Peston continues his political magazine show on Wednesday nights to provide viewers with an fresh, intelligent and lively perspective on the big matters of the day.

Having been caught out at PMQs today on the government’s strategy and advice for protecting care homes from Coronavirus, there is sure to be lots of debate about whether the Prime Minister mispoke or the leader of the opposition is mischief making.

There has been little good news for the government with dire warnings of the gravest recession since the great frost of 1709, poorly received amended advice on returning to work, ministers boycotting shows where they know they are going to get a rough ride and ONS figures that show excess deaths in the UK with a link to COVID topping the 50,000 mark. Who will be sent out to front up the government position?

Co-presenter Anushka Asthana will help Peston fuel the conversation in the studio and online, with updates from social media taking in perspectives from viewers, experts and key-players throughout the programme.

Peston – Wendesday at 10.45pm on ITV.