Preview – Pete Burns: The Last Interview

Pete Burns

Last month, we had the sad news that Pete Burns, former front man of the 80s rock band Dead or Alive, had died aged just 57. In this documentary, a Channel 5 crew follow Burns as he recounts his life.

Only a few decades ago, before the homogenisation of pop music and the invasion of the boy bands, those driving the musical culture of the UK were often outspoken controversial characters – who without the entourage and accoutrements of fame lavished on today’s stars, were able to do and say what they liked – warts and all.

It is a shame that the caustic humour and acerbic tongue of Burns has been overlooked and that his legacy, for many, remains a couple of car crash TV interviews and a succession of reality genre outings.

He was never a man to put labels on himself whether that was his music, his gender or his sexuality, so it will be interesting to see how he recounts his life – and whether Channel 5 can resist the urge to edit to the caricature rather than showing the man. RIP Pete Burns.

Pete Burns: The Last Interview 10pm, Tuesday Channel 5