Preview – Peter Kay’s Car Share

Car Share - Peter Kay and Sian Gibbon

The finale of the second series of Car Share brings up two questions: why is this series only four episodes long, and what is the point of another preview given that this episode has been on the iPlayer for three weeks?

After the first episode aired, the BBC put the rest of the series on the iPlayer so anyone with a computer could see the entire thing. Was the plan a success? I should say it was. After the first episode aired on 11th April attracting 8 million viewers, over 2.5 million requests were made to see new episodes on the iPlayer by 14th April, breaking the previous iPlayer records.

If you have yet to see the end of the series, Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) tries to get John (Peter Kay) to admit his true feelings for her.

Peter Kat’s Car Share is on BBC One at 21.00, and is currently available on iPlayer.