Preview – Peter York’s Hipster Handbook

Peter York’s Hipster Handbook

Hipsters: they create cereal cafes, sport strange beards, and drink cups of coffee that can cost up to $12. Maybe it is just I come one of the poorest areas of Britain, but whenever I conjure up an imagine of a hipster, I overwhelming feeling is one of loathing and hatred.

However, perhaps Peter York’s documentary will overturn my prejudices (or just confirm them even more). The social commentator examines hipster culture, its obsession with “The Authentic”, its commercial nature, and the differences between the London and New York scenes. Among those he interviews include advertising executive Sir John Hegarty, The Guardian’s architecture critic Oliver Wainwright, and The Times’s deputy fashion editor Harriet Walters.

Peter York’s Hipster Handbook is on BBC Four at 21.00.