Preview – Piers, the President and Air Force One

Piers and the president

Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan boards the iconic Air Force One for an exclusive interview with the President of the United States, Donald Trump, during the final days of his visit to the UK.

On the agenda in the interview, Piers discuss US foreign policy and relations with Putin’s Russia ahead of President Trump’s summit later today in Helsinki, Finland. Piers probes Trump on his views on key political issues affecting the UK such as his advice to Theresa May for Brexit – which he heavily alluded to during his time in the country – and also the Novichok incidents in Salisbury. Since both Piers Morgan and Donald Trump are such massive, perhaps egocentric personalities and also because of the relevance of the interview to our own current affairs and politics, this interview promises to be provide a unique look into the mind of America’s current leader and a fascinating watch at that.


Piers, the President and Air Force One – Monday 10:45pm on ITV