Preview – Pilgrimage: Road to Rome


All roads lead to Rome, so the saying goes, and that’s exactly the case in the BBC’s latest season of the Pilgrimage series which sees a group of celebrities embark on the Italian stretch of the 2000km Via Francigena.

Taking on the goliath journey throughout the series are a host of 8 celebrities of different faiths and beliefs including the likes of Olympic gold-medallist Greg Rutherford and professional dancer Brendan Cole. Former politician Dana Scallon joins the group alongside small-screen stars Les Dennis and Lesley Joseph while comedians Stephen K. Amos and Katy Brand also feature. Finally, blogger-turned-TV presenter Mehreen Baig rounds off the cast

Tonight sees the group begin their journey with a perilous climb through the Swiss alps as they follow the Via Fracigena across the St Bernard’s pass and through “Death Valley” – a treacherous mountain path trodden by Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury and the thousands of pilgrims who followed in his footsteps. Emerging out of the alpine tundra, the group touches down in Italy where they find their journey has only just begun.

Pilgrimage: Road to Rome – Friday 9:00pm on BBC One.