Preview: Police, Camera, Murder

Police, Camera, Murder

Police, Camera, Murder focuses on the fascinating role digital forensics plays in modern murder investigations.

With unprecedented access to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Lancaster Police murder squads, we go behind-the-scenes of some of the most complex Category A murder investigations in the country.

The trailblazing examination of social media data, smartphone analysis and CCTV are now an essential tool for investigators as they piece together the motives behind a murder and marshal the evidence in order to catch suspected killers.

The driven police forces must solve Lancashire and GMP’s most shocking killings, as we see how digital investigators work against the clock to track down the suspects and delve into their digital lives in order to uncover feuds, love stories, sudden riches and even apparent confessions.

Committed officers such as Lancashire’s Detective Chief Inspector Al Davies and GMP’s Detective Inspector Nicola McCulloch and their hard-working teams have a maximum of four days to hold potential suspects in custody before they must be charged or released.

Can the murder team unpick the killers’ lies using advanced tactics to spearhead these Catergory A investgations?

Tonight’s episode begins in Bolton, where 15-year-old Reece Tansey is stabbed to death and Greater Manchester Police arrest two schoolboys on suspicion of murder. With no murder weapon and their refusal to comment, can social media data, revolutionary smartphone analysis and CCTV footage help police piece together what happened?

Meanwhile, Lancashire Police discover the body of pensioner Bill Howard who appears to have been brutally tortured and then stabbed to death. In Accrington, Lancashire Detective Chief Inspector Al Davies has used phone records to zero in on a prime suspect.

Police, Camera, Murder – Tuesday at 9.00pm on ITV.

Image: (C) Optomen TV.