Preview – Porters

Porters - S1 - L-R: Rutger Hauer (Tillman), Jo Joyner (Dr Kelly), Ed Easton (Simon), Susan Wokoma (Frankie) and Claudia Jessie (Lucy). ©UKTV

This dark, hospital based sitcom from Dave has already attracted some big names too it. It’s not that many brand new British sitcoms that can claim to feature Frasier’s Kelsey Grammer in a cameo appearance.

The series follows Simon (Ed Easton), a man who wants to be a doctor and who has just joined St, Etheldreda’s hospital, but is under the mistaken belief that the best way to the top is to work from the bottom as a porter.

Simon soon ends up facing to the dark reality of working in the lowliest job in the building, along with German-born porter Tillman (Rutger Hauer), and Frankie (Susan Wokoma) who starts to have fun winding Simon up.

Porters is on Dave at 22.00.