Preview – President Trump: How Scared Should We Be? Dispatches


It is fair to say that US President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office has been anything but great for ordinary Americans. His much-vaunted health care replacement for Obamacare has been rejected by his own party and his administration’s relationship with Russia in the months prior to the election has troubled many. However, his foreign policy based on the principle of ‘America First’ is the thing that is likely to have the greatest impact on Europe.

Surrounded in the Oval Office by people who dispute the notion that the US has an obligation to maintain a stable international order, the America First principle leaves NATO bloc countries isolated against a resurgent and expansionist Russia.

Dispatches reporter Abi Austen travels to the US to find out what the Age of Trump means in practice for the rest of the world and asks: just how worried should we be?

President Trump: How Scared Should We Be? Dispatches Monday 8.00pm on Channel4